Submit Your Research

Submit Your Research To submit articles, studies, or research for consideration in the WellBeing International Studies Repository (WBISR), please submit an inquiry to You should include an abstract of the proposed article/report to be uploaded plus a complete citation and the contact details for the primary author. If there are multiple authors for the publication/report, please confirm that all authors agree to have the report stored in the WBISR. The Index Structure listed on the home page of the Repository provides guidance as to the materials we plan to include in the Repository. The Animal Sentience category is reserved for the Animal Sentience journal and the Special Collections is closed. If you have a publication that covers animal sentience and what animals feel, Animal Feeling would be the appropriate index structure for that publication. Animal Well-being includes publications addressing the well-being of companion, farm, equine, laboratory, performing and wild animals. Education covers humane and environmental education as well as publications dealing with cruelty and violence. Environmental Sustainability will include papers on agriculture and its environmental impact and environmental sustainability especially in regard to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This section will also include reports and publications on promoting connections between wild spaces and corridors for wildlife through our increasingly developed world. Ethics, Legislation, Law and Religion will include materials on those disciplines that deal specifically with People, Animal and Environment (PAE) issues. The Human-Animal Bond section will include materials on human attitudes to animals and animal issues plus materials addressing portrayal of human-animal issues in culture, politics and sociology. The Human Well-being section will include materials on human happiness and well-being such as items from the growing literature on alternatives to the GDP as an index of national progress and well-being as well as materials on One Health. Social Movements will include materials on relevant organizations and the politics of social movements, especially those dealing with environmental, animal protection and human population concerns. Finally, the Veterinary Medicine section will primarily include materials on veterinary ethics and veterinary humanities and the intersection of veterinary medicine with animal welfare and human well-being.