Submit Your Research

How to Submit Your Research

To submit articles, studies, or research for consideration in the WellBeing International Studies Repository (WBISR), please submit an inquiry to . You should include an abstract of the proposed article/report to be uploaded plus a complete citation and the contact details for the primary author.

If approved and before the publication is uploaded, the author will need to confirm:
a) if there are multiple authors, all authors agree to have the publication/report stored in the WBISR; b) that you either hold the copyright and grant permission to WellBeing International to place the publication/report in the Repository, or that the holder of the copyright permits the publication to be placed in a public Repository; and c) that all links in the publication/report are active and working.

How to Submit to Animal Sentience, the journal

The journal accepts two basic types of articles – Target Articles and Commentaries on Target Articles.

Authors who wish to submit a Target Article should first establish a new author's account in the WellBeing International Studies Repository. Then, click on Animal Sentience on the Home Page and then on "Submit Article" in the menu in the left sidebar. That will bring up a set of instructions describing the submission process. When you have read the instructions, click on the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page. The next page outlines the warranties that you must agree to. If you agree with these warranties then click on the "Accept" button. You will then be asked to complete a set of personal details in the following pages ending with Step 4 which will require the details of the manuscript, including instructions to upload the manuscript. Please note that there is a section asking you to select the discipline that best covers your submission. There are various disciplines listed in the "Selected" box. Please remove those disciplines that do not adequately fit your submission and add those that do.

All Target Articles are submitted to 4-6 experts for review. The reviews will then be integrated into an overall report by the Editor-in-Chief and returned to the manuscript author for any further action required.

Commentaries on Target Articles, submitted similarly, are mini-articles of around 1,000 words. They should be formatted using the Commentary Formatting Template and are subject to editorial review before acceptance.