Free Webinar Series October 20 and 27: Invertebrate Animal Sentience

UPCOMING EVENT: Animal Sentience is co-hosting the free webinar series "Invertebrate Animal Sentience" on October 20th and 27th, at 12pm ET, with Editor-in-Chief Stevan Harnad as moderator. For more information and to register, visit https://wellbeingintl.org/get-involved/webinars/

To watch a recording of the October 20th (Part 1) webinar, click here.


Photograph by George Grall

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Volume 6 (2021)

Wiebers, David and Feigin, Valery (2021) Heeding the call of COVID-19. Animal Sentience 30(30)
Response to Covid Crisis

Veit, Walter and Browning, Heather (2021) Extending animal welfare science to include wild animals. Animal Sentience 31(1)
Commentary on Ng on Animal Suffering