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Rouleau, Nicolas and Levin, Michael (2023) Multiple ways to implement and infer sentience. Animal Sentience 33(30)

Peña-Guzmán, David M. (2017) Can nonhuman animals commit suicide?. Animal Sentience 20(1)

Segundo-Ortin, Miguel and Calvo, Paco (2023) Plant sentience? Between romanticism and denial: Science. Animal Sentience 33(1)

Key, Brian (2016) Why fish do not feel pain. Animal Sentience 3(1)

Marino, Lori and Merskin, Debra (2019) Intelligence, complexity, and individuality in sheep. Animal Sentience 25(1)

Burgos, José E and Castañeda, Giselle M. (2023) Crazier hypotheses: Panpsychism. Animal Sentience 33(28)

Solé, Ricard V. (2023) Do plants have the cognitive complexity for sentience?. Animal Sentience 33(18)

Paez, Eze (2019) Humans may be unique and superior — and that is irrelevant. Animal Sentience 23(26)

Tiffin, Helen (2023) Plant sentience: Not now, maybe later?. Animal Sentience 33(29)

Crump, Andrew; Browning, Heather; Schnell, Alex; Burn, Charlotte; and Birch, Jonathan (2022) Sentience in decapod crustaceans: A general framework and review of the evidence. Animal Sentience 32(1)

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