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Summer 1978


  • Charter of Man's Duties Towards Animals
  • President's Perspective: Of human duties and animal rights (John A. Hoyt)
  • HSUS sues to protect wild horses
  • Zoo stories: reports of cruelty or mismanagement recently brought HSUS Director of Wildlife Sue Pressman to these four zoos
  • Tuna boycott: a reevaluation
  • USDA weakens transport standards for animals
  • Ohio pet store owner charged with cruelty to animals
  • Death continues to be par for the course in coursing
  • HSUS testifies on humane slaughter
  • Southeast Office plans workshop in Alabama next fall
  • Proposition 13 causes cutbacks in animal services in California
  • Kansas City passes new animal control law
  • Gulf States regions welcomes new investigator
  • New England Office urges caution in re-opening of Hartford Zoo
  • Great Lakes rep reports good news in Michigan and Indiana
  • Workshop scheduled in Indiana
  • Coyote "study" abandoned
  • Veterinarian advertising
  • Poison on public lands
  • Dog license ruling
  • Humane slaughter
  • African elephant
  • Animal Welfare Act
  • Use of live rabbits as lures in coursing
  • Action alert system
  • Why must we euthanize? - Phyllis Wright
  • In Memoriam: Mrs. Nellie Newman
  • Protest forces cancellation of "bloodless" bullfight
  • Reader Survey Results
  • How to help neglected horses (Derry Sampey)
  • Cruelty at science fairs continue
  • Animal protection conference to be held in Berlin
  • Dr. Henry Weber dies: led fight to save mourning doves