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Fall 1978


  • New logo
  • On target: some views on sport hunting
  • Flying gravel poses danger to racehorses: HSUS investigates gravel track in West Virginia
  • The Animal Welfare Act: a need for effective enforcement (Margaret Morrison)
  • Accreditation: a problem solving process (Kathie Flood)
  • New staff member added to accreditation program
  • Greyhound racing industry wounded by HSUS onslaught
  • A Shelter Sense sampler
  • Whales: a report on the '78 Meeting of the International Whaling Commission (Patricia Forkan)
  • Dog cruelty case results in "justice" for Smiley
  • Update: the Institute for the Study of Animal Problems--a report on the activities and future plans of ISAP
  • Rocky Mountain Regional Office opens
  • West Coast Office active in humane education
  • Southeast Regional office fights cockfighting
  • Midwest director speaks to Animal Welfare Act compliance officers
  • New England Office spotlights unique potential problem for wildlife
  • Great Lakes Office active with zoos, rodeos, and TV
  • Gulf States office hosts Humane Education course
  • Dean Robert Marshak elected a Director of HSUS
  • Choosing "humane" books for children (Charles F. Herrmann, III)
  • Humane Slaughter Act
  • Non-game
  • Wild horses and burros
  • State Legislation
  • Ohio cruelty case update
  • HSUS attacks federal support of hunters
  • Cruelty conviction for painful euthanasia
  • Arrangements for pets in your will (Murdaugh Stuart Madden)
  • How to recover your lost pet
  • President's Perspective: Building the world's bridges (John A. Hoyt)