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Spring 1977


  • Let's put Greyhound Racing out of the running!
  • KIND begins crusade to save dolphins
  • Humane treatment of animals--another piece in the puzzle (Representative George E. Brown, California)
  • Seal slaughter continues, despite efforts of animal welfare groups
  • Staffers on the go ...
  • HSUS's Frantz Dantzler: a big man doing a big job
  • The reign of dogs and cats: new animal control report tells it like it is--and like it should be
  • Disaster relief program aids oil-soaked birds
  • Dept. of Agriculture sued by HSUS for failure to obey law
  • Animals in biomedical research: threshold of a new era? (Dr. Michael Fox)
  • The Humane Society of the United States resolutions adopted by annual conference, October 1976, Washington, D.C.
  • Easter warning!
  • President Hoyt appointed to Govt. Advisory Committee
  • Poison ban still in force
  • Approaches to sterilization: A review of spay and neuter programs and clinics by Phyllis Wright, HSUS Animal Control Specialist
  • What does animal control cost in your town?
  • Federal court upholds porpoise quota
  • Utah cockfighters and Texas dogfighters raided
  • Fouke fur saga continues
  • FWS cracks down on cheating hunters
  • New York ocean bullfight stopped
  • Strip mine threatens condor
  • APHIS continues to hit animal violators
  • New medical device aids APHIS in horse soring fight
  • Interior rejects request for eagle liquidation
  • New Humane Slaughter bill
  • New York to teach need for spaying/neutering
  • Wolf victory at press time
  • Why do you hunt? (James A. Cohen)
  • Animal People: III. Stereotyped behaviors
  • How to identify the poisonous plants that can hurt your pets (Gary R. Hodge)
  • Common Poisonous Plants (TABLE)
  • Humane Society sues Park Service to stop planned killing of wild burros
  • Libraries
  • Churches
  • Welcome Wagon
  • Scouts
  • C.B. Radio Clubs
  • Nature Centers and Zoos
  • Dare we think mink? (Roger Caras)
  • President's Perspective: Reflections on resolutions (John A. Hoyt)