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Publication Date

Summer 1977


  • Pets, people & problems (Senator Charles McC Mathias, Jr., Maryland)
  • Humane education going strong on West Coast (Charlene Drennon)
  • First three societies accredited by HSUS
  • Hope for the coyote?
  • "Run Rabbit Run": an eyewitness report by HSUS investigators
  • HSUS receives award for disaster relief work
  • Intern program at Norma Terris Center
  • HSUS West Coast regional office booth popular at nature fair
  • HSUS's John Dommers cries "foul" in donkey basketball editorial
  • Weller assists local societies
  • NY Humane Education workshop led by Dommers
  • Annual Report: 1976 in Review
  • San Francisco SPCA offers health insurance for pets of elderly
  • Unhappiness is a hot dog
  • A warning from ISAP
  • Concerned citizens unite for humane euthanasia
  • Court orders puppy mill operator to stop dog breeding--forever!
  • Animal lab cleans up!--HSUS correspondence relates two year struggle
  • This is a leash
  • Trapping study available
  • Guest Editorial: Taking the teeth out of the Animal Welfare Act (Ann Cottrell Free)
  • Zero mortality: for the porpoise...
  • Federal Legislation
  • State Legislation
  • NAAHE on the move! Literally and figuratively
  • Society gives opinions on animal shipping regulations
  • HSUS joins malpractice suit on death of pet
  • HSUS at odds with government about mourning doves
  • Grand Canyon burros get reprieves
  • Marine mammal regulations delayed
  • Alice Wagner, former HSUS Director, dies
  • Humane education: one way to fight the violent TV tide (John Dommers)
  • Tonic immobility--playing 'possum (Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • How to get public service announcements on the radio (Glenda Heldenbrand)
  • HSUS Accreditation Program: what's it all about? (John A. Hoyt)
  • Understanding your pet: what your pet is trying to tell you (Dr. Michael Fox)