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Fall 1977


  • A Review: On the Fifth Day: Animal Rights & Humane Ethics, edited by Richard Knowles Morris and Michael W. Fox (Patrick B. Parkes)
  • The fight continues: a report from the '77 International Whaling Commission (Patricia Forkan)
  • Willie the Whale
  • Whale survival day is big hit in Capital
  • President Carter's message to IWC
  • Congressman McCloskey speaks out on whales and other issues
  • Update: animals in transit now protected - no more orange crates
  • Flood: HSUS Disaster Team aids victims in Johnstown, PA
  • In Memoriam: Two friends of animals die
  • Velma Johnston, protector of wild horses
  • Loren Eiseley, anthropologist and writer
  • Indianapolis Humane Society joins growing list of accredited societies
  • HSUS works with Union Pacific Railroad to improve ride for hogs
  • New England office making great strides
  • HSUS helps two Texas towns plan improved pounds
  • Another Kansas puppy mill shut down
  • Nature trail opened at Norma Terris Center
  • West Coast office helps defeat crossbow hunting
  • California "Bloodless Bullfight" stopped
  • 77 is banner year for HSUS workshop program
  • A practical approach for school presentations (John Dommer)
  • Animal rights and the Law of Ecology--toward a humane stewardship (Michael W. Fox)
  • KIND Director joins youth protest
  • Federal Legislation
  • State Legislation
  • HSUS's Jim Cohen to work with World Federation for the Protection of Animals
  • Animal Behavior Society sets guidelines for use of animals in research
  • Right to require sterilization confirmed
  • Mental anguish suit won
  • Alaskan Wolf litigation continues
  • Hopeful news from Guadalupe County
  • Endangered Species Treaty no in effect
  • Alaskan marine mammals
  • Court bans import of baby sealskins from South Africa
  • Red tape cut for breeders of endangered species
  • HSUS probes humaneness of porpoise taking by tuna fishermen
  • How to stop cruelty in your community (Patrick B. Parkes)
  • President's Perspective: Educating for action (John A. Hoyt)