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Winter 1975


  • President's Perspective: Biomedical research: the demeaning of man (John A. Hoyt)


  1. Agreement signals safer flights for animals
  2. Army surrenders to HSUS on blackbird killing
  3. HSUS loses wild horse case
  4. HSUS moves to new headquarters
  5. HSUS saves exotic birds
  6. Frank McMahon sidelined by illness
  7. Humane Education seminars slated for California
  8. Houston selected as 1975 Conference site
  • Stars to serve as agents to protect film animals
  • The calf killings--an unnecessary waste of life
  • Dog fighting, on the increase, poses tough law enforcement problems
  • The solution: a comprehensive federal law with federal enforcement (Senator Harrison Williams, New Jersey)
  • 1974 Annual Conference--recognition of leadership, calls for action
  • On bringing man a step further out of the cave (Amy Freeman Lee)
  • Phyllis Wright commends South Bend innovation
  • Castro elected Governor
  • Court orders Houston to improve shelter
  • HSUS accreditation
  • Hoyt elected officer of World Federation
  • Staff transfers
  • Morse resigns