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  • Endangered Species bill becomes law
  • Introduction of new legislation stirs optimism and confidence in fight for lab animal protection
  • Television documentary sparks effort to save Alaskan wolves threatened by bounty hunters
  • Spot announcement for Kindness Club planned
  • New England society wins praise
  • Lesson to be learned from tie-up of Rodeo bill in Pennsylvania
  • Florida investigation indicates unlicensed dealers still thrive
  • Plight of Everglades wildlife largely ignored by authorities
  • Early start vital for campaigns for Easter Chick laws to succeed
  • NHEC readies humane education guides for national distribution
  • Animal seizure forces win Canadian struggle
  • Multiple activities spread Utah branch influence statewide
  • NHEC classes filling rapidly; Register now
  • Hickel yields to cattle barons but provokes strong opposition from animal welfare societies
  • Drive for Tule Elk protection gaining ground in Congress
  • Protests to Alabama officials help stop cruel coon contests
  • Imaginative humane education concept succeeding in West
  • Minnesota regulates snowmobiles; Branch activities helped
  • Laboratory animal protection bills



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