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  • Congressional committee hears laboratory reform demands as new Senate bill is introduced
  • Hoyt elected to World Federation's Council
  • Humane experts band together to crusade for slaughter laws
  • Drive to stop cruel traps continues to gain in New Jersey
  • Testimony for horse bills unfolds ugly picture of cruelty
  • Board appoints new committee to study long range programs
  • Florida's Bloodless Bullfight law is pressing humane issue
  • Humane societies win big court victory against rodeo interests
  • Dog importer closes
  • Seal hunt brutality reaches new high; HSUS asks for immediate relief measures by government
  • Licensed dog deals under investigation following complaints
  • Concern for imperiled wildlife grows popular
  • HSUS moves to save New York's Mason Act
  • HSUS demands strong enforcement measures under Lab Dealer law
  • Educators exposed to humane materials at big NEA conference
  • Courses in shelter management drawing praise nationwide
  • Kindness Club reports show how members help many animals



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