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  • Amended Rogers-Javits lab bill due for introduction; Enactment this year is considered likely
  • USDA executives hear purpose of P.L. 89-544 stressed in HSUS talk
  • Cruelty in classroom named the target of next major campaign
  • By-laws amended by majority vote, new dues scale adopted
  • HSUS raids Ohio pound selling dogs illegally to lab dealer; Charges wardens, pickup man
  • Humane movement loses good friend
  • HSUS film nominated for blue ribbon at N.Y. film festival
  • Activity at NHEC booms as multiple programs succeed
  • Purdue vet students observe BKA week by distributing folders
  • Prominent educator will direct humane education program
  • NHEC assumes administration of Kindness Club in all fifty states
  • Monterey SPCA closes carnival, charges the owner with cruelty
  • Oil-soaked sea lions, seals seem unharmed, investigation reveals
  • Local society problem shows need for care in negotiating contracts
  • Branch hires public relations expert as Executive Director
  • National Dog Registry is nationwide news as tattoo clinics boom



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