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  • Implementation of Poage-Magnuson Act threatened; appropriations battle won as Congress adjourns
  • Anti-hunting article reprinted; national distribution planned
  • Cruelty to walking horses condemned; HSUS policies dhow
  • Struggle for laboratory animal law narrows to choice of bill; Rogers Bill still the strongest
  • HSUS affiliate breaks ground for new shelter
  • West Virginia society becomes new affiliate
  • New motion picture code opens door to increased cruelty
  • HSUS New Jersey Branch rescues sick, diseased dogs from crowded kennel; owner arrested, charged
  • California Branch fights pound seizure law, seeks support of humanitarians throughout state
  • Model laws available
  • Of mice and mercy
  • New Mexico bullfight proposal defeated
  • African animals leave quarantine in Clifton
  • HSUS seeks approval of Humane Education program by NET; ALPO Pet Food to finance new film
  • HSUS attacks county proposal that could send animals to labs
  • New Jersey affiliate dedicates new shelter
  • Bloodless bullfights held in Texas despite strong HSUS opposition: solution lies in federal law
  • WFPA sponsors successful World Congress; HSUS officials attend
  • Political candidates bid for humanitarian vote in New Jersey



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