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Acompendiumof carcinogenesi s bioassay results organized by target organ is presented for 738 chemicals that are carcinogenic in chronic-exposure , long-term bioassays in at least 1 species. This compendium is based primarily on experiments in rats or mice; results in hamsters, monkeys, and dogs are also reported. The compendium can be used to identify chemicals that induce tumors at particular sites and to determine whether target sites are the same for chemicals positive in more than 1 species. The source of information is the Carcinogeni c Potency Database (CPDB), which includes results of 6073 experiments on 1458 chemicals (positive or negative for carcinogenicity) that have been reported in Technical Reports of the National Cancer Institute/National Toxicology Program or in papers in the general published literature. The published CPDB includes detailed analyses of each test and citations. The CPDB is publicly available in several formats ( Chemical carcinogens are reported for 35 different target organs in rats or mice. Target organs in humans are also summarized for 82 agents that have been evaluated as human carcinogens at a particular target site by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Comparisons are provided of target organs for mutagens versus nonmutagens and rats versus mice.


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