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Ahmadabad, the biggest city of Gujarat with a human population of approximately, 6 million. The rapidly expanding population of Ahmadabad means that the metropolitan region extends far outside from the confines of the old city. However, the development is rapid but uncontrolled. Therefore, there are a large number of areas that are prone to stray dogs and these areas are constantly increasing. The old methods of population control by strychnine poisoning or electrocution employed by the municipal corporations have not proved effective in controlling street dog populations, as new dogs soon migrate into the areas, where the local dog population has been killed, and rapidly begin to repopulate the areas. This migration of dogs from one area to the other increases the possibility of the transmission of diseases such as rabies.


Project undertaken at the request of: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Project execution and funding by: Humane Society International (HSI)

PROJECT DURATION: August 2010 to November 2010