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This report describes a systematic dog survey program that was performed by Humane Society International (HSI) in Haryana state, India, in June and October 2014. This survey was conducted in support of the National Rabies Control (NRC) program, with its primary goals being to:

(1) Collect baseline data prior to initiation of a program of humane dog population management (DPM) and rabies control,

(2) Establish a standardized survey framework for future monitoring of DPM program impact, and

(3) Generate a population size estimate for street dogs to assist in strategic and logistic planning for the DPM and NRC programs in Haryana.

Data collection activities occurred during two periods. The first was initiated in early June, 2014, continuing until the onset of monsoon season in late June. Data collection resumed in late September, 2014, continuing through the first week of October. This report covers the basic analysis of data collected during these two periods.


Expert Advisor: John D. Boone, Ph.D.