Submissions from 2019


Assessing undergraduate student and faculty views on animal research: What do they know, whom do they trust, and how much do they care?, Eric P. Sandgren, Robert Streiffer, Jennifer Dykema, Nadia Assad, and Jackson Moberg

Submissions from 2017


The European politics of animal experimentation: From Victorian Britain to ‘Stop Vivisection’, Pierre-Luc Germain, Luca Chiapperino, and Giuseppe Testa

Submissions from 2014


Public Attitudes toward Animal Research: A Review, Elisabeth H. Ormandy and Catherine A. Schuppli

Submissions from 2003


An overview of surveys on how people view animal experimentation: some factors that may influence the outcome, Joakim Hagelin, Hans-Erik Carlsson, and Jann Hau

Submissions from 1996


Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Animal Research, Jennifer J. Eldridge and John P. Gluck

Submissions from 1995


The Animal Research Controversy: Protest, Process & Public Policy, Andrew N. Rowan, Franklin M. Loew, and Joan C. Weer

Submissions from 1994


Public Attitudes Toward Animal Research: Some International Comparisons, Ralph Pifer, Kinya Shimizu, and Linda Pifer


Animal Protection and Medical Science, David O. Wiebers, Jennifer Leaning, and Roger D. White