Inter-rater and test–retest reliability of the Monash Canine Personality Questionnaire-Revised (MCPQ-R)

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In developing a valid test for measuring canine personality, it is important to test the reliability of the instrument. The Monash Canine Personality Questionnaire-Revised (MCPQ-R) is a 26-item, adjective-based, owner-administered, questionnaire that measures canine personality along five dimensions: Extraversion, Motivation, Training Focus, Amicability and Neuroticism. Its reliability was tested using inter-rater reliability measures and test–retest measures. Sixty-five couples rated their pet dog individually using the MCPQ-R, with one member of each couple completing the same questionnaire after a 6-month interval. Inter-rater reliability values were similar to or stronger than those found in similar research in dogs, with statistically significant (P < 0.001) positive values for all five dimensions ranging from 0.75 (Neuroticism) to 0.86 (Extraversion). Test–retest results were also positive and statistically significant (P < 0.001) for all dimensions ranging from 0.79 (Neuroticism) to 0.93 (Motivation). The results of this study suggest the MCPQ-R is reliable for assessing canine personality along the five identified dimensions.