Submissions from 2016


How fish think and feel, and why we should care about their welfare, Culum Brown and Catarina Vila Pouca


Report of a Meeting on Contemporary Topics in Zebrafish Husbandry and Care, Nikki Osborne, Gregory Paull, Adam Grierson, Karen Dunford, Elisabeth M. Busch-Nentwich, Lynne U. Sneddon, Natalie Wren, Joe Higgins, and Penny Hawkins


Malanda Gold: the tale of a unique rainbowfish from the Atherton Table-lands, now on the verge of extinction., Peter J. Unmack, Keith Martin, Michael P. Hammer, Brendan Ebner, Karl Moy, and Culum Brown

Submissions from 2010


About Fish, Humane Society Institute for Science and Policy