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  • Thou canst not stir a flower without troubling a star. -- Francis Thompson
  • NAAHE Editorial -- A year for productive partnerships (Kathy Savesky)
  • From 'Ick' to Interesting: building an awareness of and appreciation (Vicki Parker)
  • Caring about the curious and creepy creatures -- a mini unit on appreciating traditionally maligned animals (Lorraine P. Holden)
  • Happening
  • NAAHE News -- NAAHE welcomes new staff
  • Clip Art
  • A special symposium looks at empathy, animals, and education -- Can Love Be Taught? (Kathy Savesky)
  • A look at humane education summer camps (Patty Finch)
  • Research in Review -- Do we act the way we feel? A look at the relationship between attitudes and behavior (Bill DeRosa)
  • People & Animals -- Conquering animal stereotypes
  • Places to go; People to see; Things to do -- Celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week (Lorraine P. Holden)
  • Calendar
  • Film Reviews (Argus Archives)
  • What is a Picture Worth? -- A home or a toy?