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Fall 1993


  • Recognizing our responsibility: a breeding moratorium will work (Paul G. Irwin)
  • Spotlight
  • Lucy meets Socks
  • A Free Willy gala
  • Steel-jaw traps
  • Dogs who bite
  • Toward cruelty-free education: students seek new ways of learning
  • Whales in the spotlight: Free Willy wins attention for captives (Naomi A. Rose)
  • Bear #134 leaves the lab: famous grizzly is sent to San Antonio Zoo
  • A legal defeat for animals: U.S. Supreme Court permits ritual sacrifice (Roger A. Kindler)
  • Killing for "fun" (Betsy Bird)
  • Saving animals from the flood
  • Life after Slater Park: a zoo's closing brings welcome change for its animals (Randall Lockwood, Ph.D.)
  • In praise of the natural dog (Michael W. Fox)
  • HSI Tanzania: Help for Tanzania (Michael W. Fox)
  • HSI Europe: EC grapples with animal issues (Betsy Dribben)
  • HSI Japan: U.S. action sets tone at IWC
  • HSI Mexico: Spreading compassion (David K. Wills and Jose Trujillo Orihuela)