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Winter 1990


  • Enlarging our outreach: two organizations join The HSUS's endeavors (John A. Hoyt)
  • NAAHE Teachers of the Year
  • Good news from CITES: the African elephant wins protection
  • Hounding racing in its stronghold: HSUS fights greyhound cruelty
  • Fur on the run: our campaign continues--and yields results
  • Closing a lethal loophole: HSUS asks USDA to expand AWA protection
  • Norma Terris: In Memoriam
  • A philosopher's arrogance (Eugene Arden)
  • Sharing the Earth: 1989 Annual Conference of the Humane Society of the United States
  • Happy holidays (Kelly Budner)
  • Santeria on trial: is ritual animal sacrifce constitutional? A Florida judge rules (Marc Paulhus)
  • The judge's ruling
  • Warnings on tuna labels
  • Reviewing animal patents
  • Senate hearings on LD-50 test
  • Tsongas on alternatives
  • Taxing humane societies
  • House stalls on veal bill
  • Thank you!
  • Utah for whales and wolves
  • Prevent-a-litter month
  • Rep. Rose's two bills
  • Do your letters count?
  • Leniency for cockfighters
  • Dogs seized in New York
  • Carriage horse bill passed
  • Symposium looks at 1990 goals
  • In appreciation for Dr. Weiger
  • Pigeon-shoot bill nixed
  • HSUS staff in Mojave Desert
  • Public supports mountain lion
  • West Coast bills passed
  • New address for West Coast
  • Protect the manatees
  • Kitten tortures spark outcry
  • New England conferences
  • "Inside report" on animal pulls
  • Deer hunt at Quabbin?
  • Strays sold to research
  • 1990 GSHEA Conference
  • Protest against cat experiments
  • Action alert nets results
  • Great Lakes legislation
  • ACA workshops in May 1990
  • 1990 mission: the environment
  • Frustrations with prosecutors -- 1