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Publication Date

Winter 1999


  • Reaching out to the research community (Paul G. Irwin)
  • The Editor's Eye (Deborah J. Salem)
  • A heart of gold
  • Help for native peoples
  • No coincidence
  • Farm practices matter
  • Justice for Scruffy
  • Home of the (suburban) range
  • Bonnie and Georges pay a call: The HSUS helps the hurricane-ravaged South
  • Voters speak in nine states: pro-animal measures prevail in seven of eleven contests (Wayne Pacelle)
  • The Makah prepare to go a-whaling: U.S., tribal plan draws fire (Naomi A. Rose, Ph.D.)
  • Keiko flies away home: the most famous orca in the world goes home, with the of his friends (Tanya Mulford) [missing the first two pages]
  • Hog-farm revolutionary: Tom Frantzen preaches that farmers had better start treating their animals better. (Dan Looker)
  • Life on the factory farm (Gary L. Valen)
  • Betrayal of trust: the slaughter of dogs and cats is the fur industry's ugly secret
  • An investigator's logbook (Virginia L. Bollinger)
  • The backyard sanctuary (Richard Farinato)
  • To feed or not to feed
  • Wildlife-friendly on a budget
  • Go gentle into that good night ... : the gentle leader offers hope for the boisterous dog