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Spring 1996


  • The march of change: one step at a time: we must demonstrate our support for the cause of animal protection (Paul G. Irwin)
  • Spotlight
  • At Risk: Whooping Cranes
  • Keiko: halfway home: Free Willy star begins a new life in Oregon (Mike Winikoff)
  • "Alternatives" : a good year -- safety-testing procedures are in transition
  • Protection close to home: new suburban wildlife program launched (John Hadidian, Ph.D.)
  • Claws and all: living with your cat, your furniture, and your peace of mind (Rachel Lamb)
  • Coming together: World Animal Awareness Week (Wayne Pacelle)
  • Use of animals in laboratories: scientific and ethical issues (Michael Ball, D.Phil.)
  • International strategies: legislation and the law (Betsy Dribben)
  • Animals in entertainment: dying to perform (Richard Farinato)
  • Extending the Circle of Rights: the Great Ape Project (Peter Singer)
  • HSI Honduras: Bird haven success (Richard Farinato)
  • HSI Australia: circus animals' days numbered
  • Besieged: arctic refuge and other public lands (Amy Weinhouse)
  • Against nature: the sensitive pig versus the hostile environment of the modern pig farm (Melanie Adcock, D.V.M., and Mary Finelli)
  • Protecting forests (John A. Hoyt)
  • A breath of fresh air for Mexico City? (Jan A. Hartke)
  • Addressing a dilemma (Jan Hartke)