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Fall 1996


  • Decision Dday 1996 for wildlife: voters in seven states hold their wildlife's future in their hands (Paul G. Irwin)
  • Spotlight
  • U.S. House deals dolphins a lethal blow
  • HSUS and the web
  • Fund honors gorilla's act: Binti Jua is the hero in a zoo rescue (Richard H. Farinato)
  • A march for the animals: activists converge on Washington, D.C. (Wayne Pacelle)
  • Hunters' privilege: state wildlife agencies cling to the past (Susan Hagood)
  • State agencies endorse "backyard" bow hunts (Allen Rutberg, Ph.D.)
  • Extolling our ideals: conferences are forums for the HSUS mission (John A. Hoyt)
  • The Ratite Craze (Richard H. Farinato and David L. Kuemmerle)
  • Caught in the middle? Five captive dolphins are entangled in two reintroduction projects
  • Good work: celebrating animal shelters across the country (Martha C. Armstrong)
  • Deadly serious: an FBI perspective on animal cruelty (Randall Lockwood, Ph.D., and Ann Church)
  • HSI Australia: for benign control
  • HSI Vietnam: help for wildlife? (Suzy Sanders)
  • HSI Europe: a victory for whales at IWC (Betsy Dribben)
  • The snow leopard (Jan A. Hartke)
  • Ten years after Chernobyl's blast
  • The dying Aral Sea (Jan A. Hartke)