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Winter 1997


  • An inspiration and a guiding force: John A. Hoyt has led the HSUS to an unrivaled position of preeminance (Paul G. Irwin)
  • Spotlight
  • Animals triumph in five states
  • Who is the best "First"?
  • Celebrating the Humane Spirit: HSUS honors John A. Hoyt, Maurice F. Strong
  • A narrow escape for dolphins: friends in Congress save dolphin-safe label (Wayne Pacelle)
  • The Olympics' bumpy ride: falls and injuries plague equestrian event (Marc Paulhus)
  • Many hands help Fort Peck (Melissa Seide Rubin)
  • Navajo Nation saga (Martha C. Armstrong)
  • Pitting animals against animals: law enforcement official and animal protectionists seek to quell illegal cockfighting and dogfighting (Eric Sakach and Ken Johnson)
  • HSI Kenya: Maasai's dilemma (Meitamei Ole Dapash)
  • An advocate for the Maasai
  • HSI Latin America: iguanas' sad state (Teresa Telecky, Ph.D.)
  • Iguanas: social yet vulnerable
  • HSI South Africa: kinder, gentler elephant control (Allen Rutberg, Ph.D.)
  • HSI Mexico: "no more violence!"
  • A global threat (Jan A. Hartke)
  • The greening of the corporation (John A. Hoyt)
  • Solar power helps animals in India (Jan A. Hartke)
  • Trouble brewing in Prairie Dog Town (Susan Hagood)
  • Extending protective rights (John F. Kullberg, Ed.D.)