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Fall 1998


  • Responding to the challenges of dog ownership (Paul G. Irwin)
  • The Editor's Eye (Deborah J. Salem)
  • Trust us [The HSUS Wildlife Land Trust]
  • A tree grows in Washington [International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD)]
  • The state at the door [Gray wolves]
  • A better way [Canada geese management in the Detroit metropolitan area]
  • Irwin's new role
  • Is it sinking in? [National Dog Bite Prevention Week]
  • Hail the safe haven [National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week]
  • Snow geese in peril? Agency proposal could lead to massive killing (Susan Hagood)
  • Check out our library! Models, videos prove popular alternatives to dissection
  • Opening more homes to companion animals: HSUS helps landlords see pet owners as good tenants
  • Summer success in South Africa: immunocontraception slows elephant population growth
  • The Year of the Irish Proposal: IWC ponders de facto resumption of commercial whaling (Leesteffy Jenkins)
  • To the rescue (Marlon S. Lane)
  • Forum: the last gasps of the fur trade (Matthew Scully)
  • HSUS launches Fur-Free 2000 (Danielle Bays)
  • A designer's evolution (Matthew Scully)
  • HSUS in action: Florida wildfires
  • Investing with care (Bob Brennan and Tanya Mulford)