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Summer 1994


  • Our family keeps growing: we make new pathways for new programs (John A. Hoyt)
  • Spotlight
  • Caucus no friend of animals
  • Farm Animals Awareness Week
  • Another success for Expo: record attendance fuels exhibitor enthusiasm (Geoffrey L. Handy)
  • Disaster strikes the MMPA: Congress deals blow to animal protection (Naomi A. Rose, Ph.D.)
  • HSI Taiwan: U.S. imposes sanctions (Teresa M. Telecky, Ph.D.)
  • HSI Canada: seal hunt takes toll (Michael O'Sullivan)
  • HSI Australia: IWC approves whale sanctuary
  • HSI Europe: EU says: Norway, come on in (Betsy Dribben)
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1993 Annual Report
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1994 National Conference: Protecting Animals in a New World
  • Looking for love in all the right places: an unlikely animal-shelter adoption (Kenneth D. White)
  • Earthkind's mission (Jan A. Hartke)
  • Blowing the lid off canned hunts (Michael Winikoff)
  • Inside a canned hunt
  • Interview: Karin McQuillan - Murder most endangered (Deborah J. Salem)