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Winter 1995


  • Ballots over bullets: wildlife-protection initiatives triumph in two states (Paul G. Irwin)
  • Spotlight
  • Good news for peregrine falcons
  • More good news for hens!
  • HSUS award to Michael Balls
  • Victories in the West: voters restrict hunting and trapping
  • Iditarod and "Sudden Death" : exertional myopathy cited in dog's death (David K. Wills)
  • Sometimes love is the best medicine of all (Rachel Lamb and Sally Fekety)
  • Newfangled "fun" is old-fashioned cruelty (Ken Johnson)
  • The dairy cow: America's "foster mother" (Melanie Adcock, D.V.M. and Mary Finelli)
  • HSI South Africa: penguins rescued
  • HSI United States: CITES: a mixed bag
  • HSI Australia: a door to the future
  • HSI Canada: wages of captivity (Michael O'Sullivan)
  • HSI Canada: humane-trap standards a sham (Michael O'Sullivan)
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1994 National Conference: Protecting Animals in a New World
  • Steel houses make sense (Jan A. Hartke)
  • Lifeboat for wildlife (Margaret Cooper)
  • Banking on a brighter future--for everyone
  • Interview with Anita Pollack: European voice for animals (Betsy Dribben)