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Summer 1991


  • Until there are none, adopt one! (John A. Hoyt)
  • Conference draws hundreds
  • Speaking on the planet's behalf
  • Grounding wild birds abroad
  • A stellar aniversary
  • NAAHE - New guide availale
  • The Center for Respect for Life and Environment (CRLE) - Center given new role
  • A point of light for pelicans: Florida man helps, heals birds in need
  • Forging ahead in Costa Rica: President supports WSPA project
  • For the love of men (David K. Wills)
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1991 Symposium and Annual Membership Meeting: Animals in Research -- Challenging the Status Quo
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1990 Annual Report
  • Animal agriculture: human and animal well-being (Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • Florida setback
  • Jackrabbits intercepted
  • September seminar
  • Director honored
  • A cruel hoax
  • P.A.L. in the South
  • Local society seeks advice
  • Swinging into spring
  • Rabies hits New England
  • Conferences abound
  • Draize Bill passes test
  • Cockfighting update
  • Game-ranch owner cited
  • Seminar a hit up north
  • Pigeon protest
  • Offering assistance
  • Statehouse actions
  • Auctions exposed
  • Spotlight on cockfighting
  • New perspectives urged in Texas
  • "P.A.L." spells success
  • No more clubbing
  • Progress in Kansas
  • Key decision on lab animals
  • Calling it organic
  • Last effort on AWA regulations
  • HSUS testifies on the Hill
  • Friends hold forums
  • A partial victory for the bison
  • A Winning a battle with ADC
  • A new arena for dolphins
  • A pet-trespassing primer from HSUS
  • Pryor Range Roundup halted