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Fall 1991


  • Enlarging our effectiveness (John A. Hoyt)
  • In Memoriam: Irene Evans
  • Astrid Lindgren honored by HSUS
  • Opening a dialogue
  • A tribute to Phyllis Wright
  • KLM joins the "Green" list
  • Toys from Sears for the HSUS
  • NAHEE Teacher of the Year
  • Dolphins' fate hinges on GATT
  • Vanity draws Europe's eye
  • Tuna/dolphin crisis looms
  • Safe haven in hunt country: Equine Rescue League opens after auction exposé
  • Whales at crisis point: exploitation vs enlightened protection
  • Iditarod takes big step forward: HSUS applauds decision of race committee
  • Traffic in misery
  • Service on an Institutional Animal Committee (Robert F. Welborn)
  • Contraception: a new way of looking at wildlife management (Dr. Jay F. Kirkpatrick)
  • Healing society's relationship with animals: a physician's view (David O. Wiebers, M.D.)
  • Protecting wild birds
  • Senate hearing on horses held
  • Moratorium sought
  • HSUS asks for enforcement
  • HSUS opposes S. 1294, S. 1253
  • WIldlife issues considered
  • Fishing-methods funds approved
  • Other 1992 appropriations
  • Barring exotics
  • Lapham reports on Oakland shelter
  • Wild horses at risk
  • Ranch operator found guilty
  • Dogfighters convicted
  • "Super Bowl" raided
  • Legislative roundup
  • New laws in Texas
  • Cattlemen hear call
  • Jackrabbit sale stopped
  • Problems at Florida shelters
  • Saying no to Sea World
  • Missouri symposium
  • Hoyt speaks on overpopulation
  • An honor for Grace Korsan
  • New laws proposed
  • Birds need protection
  • Petting zoo passes by
  • Animal-care workshop
  • Working for change
  • Recognizing achievement
  • Fight against track fails
  • Landing in New Jersey
  • HSUS challenge succeeds
  • Santeria appeal denied