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Spring 1992


  • A new President at the helm (John A. Hoyt)
  • Bear #134: an update
  • Celebrate spring with Aveda
  • Easter pets, Easter victims
  • Call U.N.I.T.E.
  • NAHEE award, grant received
  • What kind of people choose products not tested on animals? Beatiful people, naturally.
  • Beautiful products, for beautiful people.
  • Montana vs. Bison -- again: state controls fate of park wanderers (Allen Rutberg)
  • Bad news for bears: spring hunting seasons orphan cubs (Susan Hagood and Betsy Bird)
  • Cub coalition in Colorado
  • No exclusions: AWA protection given rats, mice, birds
  • Animal Care Expo '92: a big hit in Vegas (Nicholas P. Gilman)
  • The potential for the Institutional Animal Committee (Robert F. Welborn)
  • HSI Africa: A question of morality (David Wills)
  • HSI USA: Investigation in spotlight
  • HSI Europe: Bird crisis is focus of report (Betsy Dribben)
  • HSI Honduras: Dedicated to wildlife
  • HSI USA: Assembly unites women
  • Lota Lost? : An elephant condemned to life in a circus may yet be helped by a well-known federal law (Michael Winikoff)
  • Elephants are not for entertainment!
  • People promotes puppy protection
  • Environment or trade?
  • Reauthorizing the ESA
  • Downers plight described
  • HSUS seeks 1993 appropriations
  • Animal-facility break-in bills
  • Thank you! [Rep. Gerry Sikorski, Sen. Albert Gore, Jr., Rep. Gerry E. Studds, Rep. Jolene Unsoeld]
  • Running afowl
  • A crushing blow to Kiser Lake
  • Societies seek HSUS help
  • An ominous ruling
  • New day for deer?
  • Collector found guilty
  • Great Swamp protest #18
  • Legislative update
  • Baer addresses fair association
  • "In America" available
  • Getting the goat in Tennessee
  • Military address abuse
  • Puppy mill raided
  • Collector update
  • Reintroduction of ferrets
  • Wyoming dog poisonings
  • Bye-bye, bear hunts
  • Please say no, Shreveport
  • Cruelty in dairy auctions
  • A call for licensing
  • A fortuitous raid
  • Controlling hybrids
  • Don't import cruelty
  • Standing addresssed