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An undercover investigation by The Humane Society of the United States and ReLove Animals, Inc., found most of the pet stores in Maryland that sell puppies are apparently not fully complying with a law designed to provide shoppers with information about the origin of their puppies. In September 2013, investigators visited 12 puppy-selling pet stores in Maryland. Specifically, investigators checked to see if the stores were fulfilling the requirement that they “post conspicuously on each dog's cage” the “state in which the breeder or dealer of the dog is located” and “the United States Department of Agriculture license number of the breeder or dealer, if required.” This information is important because it could be used by a consumer to find out if the puppy they are considering purchasing may have come from a dealer (otherwise known as a broker) or breeder with a problematic animal welfare history. The law (Md. Code, Bus. Reg. §§ 19-701 to 707) went into effect one year ago.