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The AKC has historically billed itself as “The Dog’s Champion,” the gold standard registry for purebred puppies. The AKC's mission includes advocating for advances in “canine health and well- being” and working “to promote responsible dog ownership.”*1 Yet with all its emphasis on proper dog and puppy care, in recent years the AKC has opposed the majority of initiatives designed to prevent cruelty at large-scale breeding facilities known as puppy mills. In contrast to its vague public statements condemning substandard kennels, over the past 5 years the AKC has opposed more than 80 different bills and ordinances designed to require large-scale puppy producers to adhere to stronger care standards or oversight, and has even supported bills that would weaken current puppy mill regulations.

While the majority of breeders who register dogs with the AKC uphold high standards and are in compliance with the law, the AKC seems to spend an inordinate amount of time and resources covering up for the bad apples among them – resources that could be better spent focusing on promoting healthy well-raised dogs and highquality breeders.