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Winter 1979


  • Humane livestock handling (Temple Grandin)
  • New accreditations announced
  • The pet overpopulation problem can be solved!
  • Tuna boycott to continue
  • HSUS aids gorilla protection effort
  • The HSUS Animal Trainer's Code
  • Relief sought for animal actors
  • Jackrabbit roping cancelled (Mark Vogler)
  • Animals or people?
  • New England zoos under HSUS scrutiny
  • HSUS Director wins state election
  • Protests bring changes at Corpus Christi pound
  • Investigator added to Rocky Mountain Staff
  • Great Lakes Regional Office opens
  • New laws help California criminals
  • Southeast Office assisting shelters and societies
  • Midwest Director checks Christmas pups at airports
  • Animal rights: the search for a legal definition
  • Animal rights and human obligation
  • Animal Rights & Human Ethics: A Review of the 1978 Annual Conference
  • Richard Knowles Morris -- Joseph Wood Krutch medalist
  • Sensitivity -- the quality of caring: an excerpt from The President's Report given by John A. Hoyt at the 1978 Conference
  • The star throwers: Excerpts from the Keynote Address given by Dr. Amy Freeman Lee at the 1978 Annual Conference
  • 1978 resolutions adopted by membership meeting, October 1978
  • How to: organize an effective program on the use of animals in research (Dr. Andrew Rowan)
  • Humane Slaughter Act becomes law
  • The Endangered Species Act
  • Congress mandates death to wild horses
  • Wild horse suit
  • Transport temperatures
  • Meaningful reform is possible (John A. Hoyt)