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Summer 1987


  • The Versailles Initiative (John A. Hoyt)
  • Frogs here ...
  • ... and abroad
  • Hit movie, hurt animals
  • Georgia man convicted of manslaughter in dog attack
  • The animal-patenting decision: should people own new forms of life?
  • Will Congress stop animal patenting?
  • Predator control, European style: American sheep raisers successfully guard their flocks using Old World dogs instead of deadly poisons (Jennifer Lewis)
  • Charitable animal hospitals: guaranteeing every animal's right to medical care
  • The HSUS boycotts Gillette office products
  • 1986 Annual Report - The Humane Society of the United States
  • NAAHE announces 1987 Teacher of the Year
  • Institute for the Study of Animal Problems grapples with timely issues
  • The HSUS helps "20/20" expose cattle baron: television show focuses on history of animal neglect
  • A Year of PETS
  • Improving air transport for companion animals
  • "Breakfast of Cruelty" boycott prompts action by egg, pork producers
  • Making a Difference ... for Animals: 1987 Annual Conference of The Humane Society of the United States
  • New voice against puppy mills
  • Ninety days to death?
  • Thanks!
  • Back again
  • Progress, slow but steady
  • Kansas bans live lures
  • Investigation aids lawmakers
  • New era in Florida
  • Too little, too late?
  • Rabies Symposium success
  • Pennsylvania pigeon shoot
  • Let's get together
  • Lapham speaks
  • California action
  • Thanks due in Oregon
  • Bounty opposed
  • HSUS offers reward
  • The shooting stops
  • Stomping through statehouses
  • Sam seized
  • Legislative activities bode well
  • Standing under the Animal Welfare Act restricted
  • Canine's personal injury claim dismissed
  • Changes in individual charitable contribution deductions