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Winter 1985


  • President's Perspective: "A seal for the seals" (John A. Hoyt)
  • Calavares claims victory
  • HSUS shows at AKC contest
  • 1984 Resolutions
  • Why we oppose greyhound racing
  • The HSUS tries legal remedies to combat genetic engineering experiments (Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • Rabies: an age-old disease finds new life: first of a two-part series (Guy R. Hodge)
  • Time expires for fur seal treaty, grows short for seals
  • Coalition works to modify impact of "Project WILD"
  • "Kindness is always first class" is the motto of My Brother's Keeper
  • Japan declares war on whaling moratorium: U.S. State Department caves in, HSUS files lawsuit and steps up fish boycott (Patricia Forkan)
  • Taking humane concerns to college (Randall Lockwood, Ph.D.)
  • Animal-research dealer arrested for cruelty
  • Legislative note
  • National Park bill stopped
  • Kangaroo ban denied
  • Good-bye
  • Wild horse plight worsened
  • Vetoed: lab animal protection
  • Arnett resigns
  • Victory at Loxahatchee
  • Institute completes active year
  • NAAHE publishes new materials
  • Minds meet
  • Protesting proposed hunt
  • Chicago considers new bill
  • Rabbits given "chance"
  • Stars 'n misery
  • Progress in Texas
  • Oregon ranch raided
  • Cockfight raids coincide with conference
  • Cockfight trial averted
  • IRS clears Michigan societies' full-service and spay/neuter clinics
  • Georgia dogfighting prosecution upheld