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Summer 1985


  • President's Perspective: Project WILD: a flawed opportunity (John A. Hoyt)
  • Margarine, anyone?
  • Response stays strong for "Pet Action Line"
  • No hot cars in Midland
  • WILD alternatives
  • A horse story
  • The pâté de fois gras case (Diana S. Greene)
  • Getting their attention: the Action Alert Team targets legislators and chalks up successes
  • Whaling foes keep pressure on Japan
  • Nop's trials: the bestseller with an animal-welfare perspective (Deborah Salem)
  • Forty-four Senators commit themselves to oppose fur seal treaty
  • "Solving animal problems in your community" : HSUS regional workshops provide skills and fellowship to shelter and animal-control professionals (Deborah L. Reed)
  • The Humane Society of the United States: 1984 education activities and services
  • Animal science and philosophy receive institute attention
  • NAAHE recognizes Teacher of the Year
  • Dogs and cats by the pound (Michael A. Giannelli, Ph.D.)
  • A Life-Style for the 80's : 1985 Annual Conference of The Humane Society of the United States
  • CITES: a good year (Dr. John W. Grandy)
  • "Endangered" group succeeds in House
  • Appropriations update
  • Lab animal flash!
  • ... Try, try again
  • "Omnibus" runs over wild horses
  • Thank you, Rep. Rose
  • New and reintroduced legislation
  • Texas ups and downs
  • Good moves
  • WILD Southwest
  • New Hampshire triumph
  • "Coping" at Academy
  • W. Va. workshop
  • Busy spring
  • Knudsen gets six months
  • Opposing bills die
  • "Exotics" bill could prevent misery
  • Project WILD uproar in California
  • Rallies target cruelty
  • Popular "problems"
  • A good start ...
  • ... a disappointment ...
  • ... and a victory
  • Regions share workshop
  • "Snuggles" romps
  • A call against WILD
  • A final victory for Minnesota's wolves
  • Idaho elk hunt protested
  • Veterinarians seek statute to suppress society-sponsored clinics
  • HSUS sues to protect mountain lions
  • HSUS files complaint against Ol' Miss