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Winter 1984


  • President's Perspective: World Congress for the Protection of Animals (John A. Hoyt)
  • Sea World wins it way
  • Trap seeks foot-held
  • Television series announced
  • Reaction to the Alert
  • Farm animal welfare: new directions and developments (Deborah Salem, Linda Mickley, and Dr. Michael W. Fox)
  • Dealing with a change in your pet's behavior (Martha I. Finney)
  • Time runs out for "Gentle Jungle" (Sue Pressman)
  • HSUS Loxahatchee suit all but stymies hunt
  • All one family: The kinship of all living things served as the theme of the 1983 HSUS Annual Conference
  • From consciousness to conscience: excerpts from President Hoyt's address
  • 1983 Resolutions
  • Fox speaks before varied groups
  • Evaluation projects, symposium, workshops crowd NAHEE's fall calendar
  • Long-term efforts reap rewards in dogfight raids
  • A poisonous policy reversal
  • Another loss on black ducks
  • Only dogs win
  • Pets welcome here
  • Best bet in the Senate
  • Mixed blessing in the H.R.
  • Horses lose ground
  • Thank you
  • Trappers press the House
  • New scrutiny given farming
  • Southern seminars
  • Fall round-up
  • No dogs allowed?
  • Speaking up
  • No "soft jaws"
  • Spring workshop in Connecticut
  • Into the jaws
  • New pet law part of New York
  • North Central Office opens
  • Rad-faced in Range
  • "Mission of mercy"
  • Idaho update
  • Western Academy
  • Adoption dilemma
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Mobilization for animals: demonstrations against trapping and mass extermination and psychology experiments
  • Make your plans for Seal Day 1984!