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Spring 1984


  • President's Perspective: A dim but certain light (John A. Hoyt)
  • Sam, Pepper top '83
  • Pet win
  • Feeding starving animals
  • Meat-eating danger?
  • HSUS survey find LES means fewer sheltered animals (Deborah Reed)
  • Improving things in paradise
  • Hot Springs solution
  • The curious world of Krumeich's Cats (Deborah Salem)
  • Nineteenth century custom leads to twentieth century cruelty
  • Genetic engineering: cornucopia or Pandora's Box? (Dr. M.W. Fox)
  • Seal Day celebrated across the country
  • Psychological experimentation on animals: not necessary, not valid (Dr. John McArdle)
  • Mobilization against psychology experiments
  • New scientific group has humane focus
  • New Jersey trapping triumph rewards animal welfarists (Ann Church)
  • Update: attacks on National Refuge System continue
  • Institute explores publishing plans
  • Fall schedule for NAAHE
  • 1984 Annual Conference -- Animals and Society: Critical Times, Crucial Choices
  • Delay is desirable
  • Senate orders GAO study
  • Alternatives study begins
  • NIH authorization help up in Senate
  • Trapping regulations threatened
  • Focus on FY 85 budget
  • Condor death outrage
  • Hectic April
  • Close call for CA
  • Pound seizure decision
  • Cold weather woes
  • Keeping rodeo away
  • Exotics restricted?
  • Pound protest
  • Pound seizure triumph
  • Signs do the trick
  • Deer Hunt cancelled
  • Seal Day in Florida
  • Stiffer fighting penalties
  • Farm animals neglected
  • Pound Seizure hearings
  • Tenth Swamp protest
  • New York support needed
  • Decompression ban
  • Wolf suit won
  • Reflections on a tragedy
  • Lab raided in Florida