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Summer 1984


  • President's Perspective: A success in the making (John A. Hoyt)
  • Survey confirms: people care about animals
  • Survey confirms: teenagers don't care about animals
  • A hot time, again
  • Taking a stand against wildlife refuge exploitation (Nina Austenberg, Jennifer Lewis, and Ann Church)
  • A month of rallies: the Mobilization for Animals demonstration against trapping and the World Day for Laboratory Animals observance brought animal-welfare supporters together in April
  • Member response boost "Pet Action Line"
  • Keep your cat indoors! (Deborah Dasch)
  • The HSUS takes new steps to save seals
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1983 Annual Report
  • Dead birds, a stream, and a cockfight raid
  • 1984 Annual Conference of the Humane Society of the United States -- Animals and Society: Critical Times, Crucial Choices [Schedule]
  • Wild Wednesday
  • Refuges that allow hunting and trapping
  • NAAHE Teacher of the Year named
  • Farm animal progress
  • Kangaroos stay "threatened" on U.S. list
  • 5098 would halt duplication
  • Nevada refuge threatened
  • Trapping ...
  • ... Trapping ...
  • Pound seizure on Hill
  • ... and more trapping ...
  • Three cheers!
  • NY conference comes up
  • Trap ban signed by Kean
  • S.B. 883 defeated
  • Agency studies continue
  • Bird-band danger
  • Workshop news
  • Win in Wisconsin
  • Well on shelter field trip
  • Tightening reins on Texas tragedies
  • Dogfight bill makes shots fly in Kentucky
  • Dr. Whitney honored
  • Good news from VT ...
  • ... and bad news from NH
  • Repeat offender
  • Wildlife policy debate
  • Welcome laws
  • HSUS aids in Georgia dogfighting prosecutions
  • Turtle update
  • Minnesota fur farming challenged