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Fall 1981


  • President's Perspective: How much is that doggie in the window? (John A. Hoyt)
  • Objection sustained
  • The painful truth
  • Credit where due
  • Headlights on
  • Kids' cans win kudos
  • USDA Summit raises hopes
  • Puppy mill misery: an HSUS investigator discovers overcrowding, filth, and neglect are ways of life for hundreds of thousands of puppies and their parents, imprisoned in breeding factories nationwide
  • One ride on the Puppy Express
  • What you can do to fight puppy mills
  • Making a difference: ten steps that can help you pass a law (Ann Church)
  • The whales' year at last: the 1981 meeting of the International Whaling Commission resulted in a limited moratorium, among other welcome developments, according to HSUS observer Patricia Forkan
  • The Chincoteague Swim: a popular annual event continues to pose problems for ponies forced to take part in a firemen's fundraiser
  • Close encounters of the best kind: when it comes to living with wildlife, the first rule is: don't help those who don't need it
  • The Humane Society News Readership Survey
  • The ayes of Texas
  • Roadside zoo blues
  • Euthanasia advances
  • Buncher's day in court
  • Mourning dove reprise
  • L.A. votes no
  • Command performance
  • Pets and the elderly
  • Rabies control gains
  • Contested events
  • Training for USDA
  • Zoo program continues
  • Short takes
  • Factory farming win
  • Close call for seals
  • Hats off!
  • Lab animal landmark
  • Dogfight brief filed
  • HSUS enjoins Ohio County Commissioners
  • HSUS opposes attempt to gut Endangered Species Regulations
  • Anti-cruelty statute upheld