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Winter 1982


  • President’s Perspective: A commitment reaffirmed (John A. Hoyt)
  • No veal this meal
  • Thanks!
  • Sponsorship withdrawn
  • We are disappointed
  • SPCA seeks big winner
  • Guide takes off
  • Humane victory harpooned
  • The Endangered Species Act: is it at the brink of extinction?: The ESA must be reauthorized or die (Natasha Atkins)
  • Praise these people!
  • HSUS voices heard on Hill
  • Animal welfare: the present crisis - The HSUS 1981 Annual Conference brought together hundreds of animal protectionists concerned about the crucial problems facing animals today
  • New occasions teach new duties
  • 1981 Resolutions adopted at the 1981 Annual Conference
  • Views of a bedroll naturalist: The HSUS's 1981 Joseph Wood Krutch medalist, author and filmmaker Hope Ryden, believes that, in a world of technological gimmickry, there is still room for the old-fashioned wildlife observer
  • Love the second time around: many people find an older dog suits their lifestyles better than a puppy ever could
  • Ten weeks in the live of "The Silver Spring 17" (Heather McGiffin)
  • The second "Great Monkey Trial": science defends its treatment of laboratory primates
  • The HSUS files suit against the USDA
  • What you can do for lab animals
  • March 1, 1982: International Day of the Seal
  • Cruelty in 1981 proved Canadian Hunt inhumane
  • Rental housing pets
  • On the same side
  • Horses high priority
  • Law update
  • Bullfights go on
  • Pets-for-Elderly passes
  • Rodeo comes and goes
  • Spay/neuter news
  • Going to the dogs
  • Puppy-mill woes
  • Local society sued
  • Turtle-sale alert
  • HSUS gives pre-trial aid