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Summer 1982


  • President’s Perspective: Joint rodeo policy statement (John A. Hoyt)
  • Second chance for chimps
  • Pounds of trouble
  • "Don't Buy Here"
  • Pet shop blues
  • No bad dogs
  • Teachers cited
  • Good dog news
  • Cruelty for a "good cause" : events that abuse animals for charity pose problem for sponsors, participants, and animal protectionists (Julie Rovner)
  • Accreditation: one society's story: The Mobile SPCA uses dedication and ingenuity to meet The HSUS's rigorous standards for accreditation (Susan Bury Stauffer)
  • 1982 Annual Conference of The Humane Society of the United States: Protecting Animals in Today's World
  • S. 1043: The HSUS testifies for federal restrictions on racehorse drugging (Deborah Salem)
  • Why federal legislation is needed
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1981 Annual Report
  • The status of animals in society: When is a rabbit not a rabbit? When it is a laboratory subject, a hunter's prey or a dinner entree. Then, according to law and custom, it is a completely different animal. (Dr. M.W. Fox)
  • A legislator speaks out: a conversation with Rep. Tom Lantos
  • Pressure from farm front
  • Election alert
  • On hold
  • Trap trials
  • Thank you all
  • Horse racing realities
  • ESA triumph
  • Lab animals
  • Snakes don't rate Southern hospitality
  • Workshop wows New York ... and New Jersey
  • Mass seizure
  • Blow for elderly
  • Moose game
  • Exotic ills
  • On safari
  • Ten years of heartburn
  • Dogfighting gets serious
  • Staying in control
  • Bunching back in news
  • Workshop alert
  • Wisconsin fights back
  • Clinic memorandum available
  • HSUS moves to halt wild-horse slaughter
  • HSUS suit dismissed
  • Court affirms license check