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Summer 1983


  • From strength to strength / John A. Hoyt
  • Into the record
  • Alternatives granted
  • Fed breeds bad news?
  • Corporate action
  • Food industry foray
  • Far-flung correspondents
  • Dogfighter's Lament
  • One voice ten thousand strong: rallies against Primate Centers mark a great day for laboratory animals
  • Ten substandard zoos (Sue Pressman)
  • The HSUS dusts off tuna boycott buttons
  • HSUS summer campaign warning: park pets at home, not in cars
  • Kind Magazine to be replaced by Kind News
  • The Humane Society of the United States 1982 Annual Report
  • The HSUS wins 1080 fight
  • The good with the bad
  • Anti-hunter harassment legislation: a threat to all Americans
  • 1983 Annual Conference of The Humane Society of the United States: All One Family
  • Newly introduced
  • Behind-the-scenes saga
  • Call for halt to clubbing
  • President to President
  • Capitol appreciation
  • One voice raised
  • Showdown on Alaska lands
  • Seminars, testimony, television debates head the list of ISAP activities
  • NAAHE recognizes special educators
  • Disaster strikes
  • Staff speaks in three states
  • Workshop success
  • Five for Texas
  • Unnecessary roughness
  • Problems solved
  • Trapping Bill advances
  • New York members take note!
  • Workshop news
  • Coming attractions
  • Four Cal. bills
  • May workshop
  • Maryland outlaws cockfights
  • Black Duck appeal
  • Florida statute invalidated
  • A successful prosecution: one story