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Winter 1980


  • President's Perspective: Don't stop now (John A. Hoyt)
  • Animals off the shelves at the five and dime
  • Take the pledge
  • Dog tag art
  • Mountain Gorillas face new dangers
  • Seals still sacrificed for furs: a fundamental conflict between humanistic concern and economic interests
  • Pain, stress, and suffering
  • California becomes first state to pass animal rights resolution
  • The endangered manatee
  • Conference Review: Spreading the Word
  • We must be responsible ... (Julian Hopkins)
  • A place of grace ... (Roger Caras)
  • Animals are moral objects ... (Dr. Bernard Rollin)
  • 1979 Krutch Medal Awarded
  • Special Krutch Medal awarded to Coleman Burke
  • Tightening of science fair rules promised
  • Shelter Sense in brief
  • Predator control: some light at the end of the tunnel
  • 1979 Resolutions adopted by Membership Meeting, November 1979
  • Update: Movement to ban drugs in racing gathers momentum (Marc Paulhus)
  • Statement by Senator Charles Mathias, (Maryland); Congressional Record -- Senate : November 9, 1979
  • List of accredited societies grows
  • Opposition to decompression mounts on the West Coast
  • Texas passes Rabies Law
  • Connecticut zoo improves animal quarters
  • No rest for Southeast Office following conference
  • Cruel college tradition sidelined
  • Colorado's Bureau of Animal Protection criticized
  • Fall workshop highlights Great Lakes activities
  • Draize coalition
  • Endangered species update
  • New Jersey and Florida pass Sodium Pentobarbital legislation
  • Non-game Bill introduced in Senate
  • Trapping Hearings
  • HSUS demands USDA action on animal fighting ventures
  • An open letter to the citizens of Canada and the United States