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Fall 1981


  • Education workshop stresses professionalism
  • HSUS take legal action against "bunchers"
  • The City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, can now boast of a contemporary animal control ordinance that among many provisions includes the licensing of kennels and catteries
  • Physical and chemical capture techniques will be the topic of a two-day workshop sponsored by the Kalamazoo County Animal Control Department
  • The Central Illinois Animal Control Training program was held in Pekin, Illinois, Septembers 17th and 18th, 1981
  • The Michigan Humane Society in Detroit has one of the country's most active and successful cruelty investigation programs
  • From the Director's Desk
  • Ohio H.B. 585 (legalize dove hunting, S.B. 235 and H.B. 276 (mandates that county dogs be taken to local humane society shelters for housing)