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Data used in this study were taken from performance test records of Hereford, Aberdeen-Angus and Shorthorn sires and their progeny that were raised and performance tested at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station during the years 1951 through 1962. Heritability estimates based on regression of offspring on sire were obtained from 201 male progeny belonging to 20 sire groups. The estimates obtained were 0.19±0.19 for 120-day weight, 0.27±0.13 for initial test weight, 0.93±0.18 for test daily gain, 0.43± 0.18 for feed consumption, 0.41±0.25 for feed conversion, 0.15±0.15 for type score, 0.37± 0.14 for final test weight, and 0.79±0.18 for production index.