Submissions from 2011


The Evolution of Lateralized Foot Use in Parrots: A Phylogenetic Approach, Culum Brown and Maria Magat

Submissions from 2008


Lack of Assortative Mating Between Incipient Species of Stickleback from a Hybrid Zone, F. C. Jones, C. Brown, and V. A. Braithwaite

Submissions from 2007


Stable Isotopic Niche Predicts Fitness of Prey in a Wolf–Deer System, C. T. Darimont, P. C. Paquet, and T. E. Reimchen

Submissions from 2005


Cortical Complexity in Cetacean Brains, Patrick R. Hof, Rebecca Chanis, and Lori Marino


Big brains do matter in new environments, Lori Marino

Submissions from 2004


Origin and Evolution of Large Brains in Toothed Whales, Lori Marino, Daniel W. McShea, and Mark D. Uhen

Submissions from 2003


Reconstructing Cetacean Brain Evolution Using Computed Tomography, Lori Marino, Mark D. Uhen, Nicholas D. Pyenson, and Bruno Frohlich

Submissions from 2000


Endocranial Volume of Mid-Late Eocene Archaeocetes (Order: Cetacea) Revealed by Computed Tomography: Implications for Cetacean Brain Evolution, Lori Marino, Mark D. Uhen, Bruno Frohlich, John Matthew Aldag, Caroline Blane, David Boshaka, and Frank C. Whitmore Jr.