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This handbook has been divided into four parts: Animal Protection Issues, Ways of Tackling an Issue, Running an Animal Protection Society and Essential Skills. Part 1 looks at the welfare issues affecting companion animals, farm animals, wildlife, working animals, animals in entertainment and experimental animals, and offers practical strategies to tackle these issues. Part 2 of the handbook considers the various ways of raising the status and improving the treatment of animals. The two main routes, legislation and education, are examined first, followed by practical advice on how to campaign, lobby and use the media to your benefit. Part 3 discusses the main components of running an animal protection society. It outlines the key considerations for establishing a society, as well as how to develop a strategy, manage projects and fundraise. Finally, the importance of support services, libraries and publications is examined. Part 4 gives an overview of many of the professional and personal skills required to run an effective animal protection society: leadership, team building, time management, holding effective meetings, giving presentations, stress management, dealing with compassion fatigue, continuous learning and maintaining motivation.

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World Society of the Protection of Animals




animal welfare, companion animals, farm animals, wildlife, working animals, animals in entertainment, experimental animals, advocacy, education, governance

Handbook for NGO Success with a Focus on Animal Advocacy